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          Homestar Remodeling

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          When you join the HomeStar team you are welcomed into our family. All new employees receive full training in their new position and a mentor dedicated to their success. If you are driven and career-oriented there is opportunity for growth and advancement. So join our fun and supportive team.

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          Our Culture

          HomeStar Remodeling is the premier home improvement replacement products company in the Mid Atlantic Region. We are a proud part of the community and enjoy helping our friends and neighbors improve the value and beauty of their homes.

          Being part of our team means a dedication to our customers and also all the other members of the team. It is through this dedication that we believe each person will best achieve ones individual goals and aspirations.


          Please review our open positions and apply to any roles that match your qualifications or that you are interested in learning more about.

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          Fields Of Work

          Project Management

          Overseeing projects from start to finish

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          Customer Service

          The essential connection between our marketing team and our future customers

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          Roofing, Siding, Windows, & Doors

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          Inside Sales

          Direct Sales

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          Remodeling Consultant

          Present our products and services to potential customers.

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          Directly initiate our selling opportunity by spending time with them and discovering the individual needs

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